Adventure Rooms

Do you want to play a game? Experience an exciting and unique adventure! Switzerland's most successful escape adventure game has finally arrived in Norway! AdventureRooms Oslo is an entertainment venue for both seasoned escape room enthusiasts and first-time-escapees.

You and your friends will be locked up together in a dim and mysterious room. How you all ended up there, no one knows. All the doors of the rooms are closed. Strange objects and equipment are lying around, just out of reach. There is a screen running a one-hour countdown. An breakout appears hopeless. Pooling your individual talents and resources into a formidable team, you attempt to work your way to freedom within an hour! Both standalone (2-6 players) and competitive duel games (up to 14 players) are available. Groups of up to 40 players can be accommodated at the same time.*442a8b49-78dc-45e0-aa8b-4978dc85e0a1