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Dunderbeist - John Dee (Ved Rockefeller), Oslo

The wait for Dunderbeist’s seventh album release has been more than 2 years long, a waiting period pretty unusual for such a highly productive bunch (the previous two full-lengths were both released in 2012). This time the band has taken their time, with no hurries and no random decisions, digging greedy and deep into the dark matter. The result is ripened sounds, stored like the best of brews. German producer Vincent Sorg has had his way with mixing and mastering the tracks, which might have made this brew into something quite extraordinary.

Like on their self-titled 2011 album, the lyrics on “Hyklere” (Eng.: Hypocrites) are all in Dunderbeist’s native tongue, with its raw and brutally honest touch from their local Hedmark woodlands of inner Norway. A sound defining the band’s origins and true nature. Back then, the lyrics spun around local myths of small town hatred and axe murder. This time the words has taken a more personal turn, into the darker aspects of life. 

The new album “Hyklere” will be out on Indie Recordings on March 2 2015.

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